STROKES is a series of drawings that the artist worked on during the lockdowns in 2020. It was a meditative practice to withstand her frustration and agony, and to collect her wits living through the pandemic. She made repetitive strokes using an oriental ink brush on paper.

CHANG (aluminium sheet, 2019)

CHANG is a hybrid form of patchwork that has been constructed as a series. It is composed of various materials including woven wire mesh, aluminium sheet and fine ramie fabric (모시) that are carefully hand-sewn together using nylon fishing wire. The meticulous stitches are the same technique that is used for making Jogakbo (조각보, Korean patchwork wrapping cloths). Folded edges of two sheets are sewn back and forth in between, and as the result, the front and the rear of CHANG look symmetrical. It completes its visual narratives when it is combined with light and it looks somewhat like a windowpane. CHANG making is a meditative practice and self-reflection of the artist herself. The word CHANG (창) means a window or narrative song in Korean language.

CHANG (Korean ramie fabric, electric wire and aluminium sheet, 2014)

GORI.NODE GARDEN (new media data sculpture, 2005)

GORI.NODE GARDEN is an ambient data visualisation in tangible physical form of a mechanical plant bed. The garden is nurtured by network data collected from mobile devices or online chat space. It adopts the idea of Zen gardening that emphasises the intentional blurring of the distinction between man-made and natural material. GORI.NODE GARDEN represents an alternative view of network that interconnects between real and cyber space and portrays networked environment with metaphors of nature. The term GORI (고리) means 'to link' or 'an open hook' in Korean language.

GORI.NODE GARDEN (new media data sculpture, 2006)

SEED_1216976400 (2008) is a sculpture of four giant corrugated recycled paper rolls on which histories (text revisions) of the four wiki pages were printed. It translates the evolving process of communication, revisions and adaptations that form a shared Wiki page into the exhibition space.